A parachute is a device used to slow the descent of a falling body or load. A parachute consists of four main components: parachute canopy, rip-cords, suspension lines and the harness. Parachute canopies are primarily made of high tensile nylon multi-filament fibres, generally ripstop woven, from 32 to 200 deniers. Harness, webbing, tapes etc are made-up of high tensile nylon yarn (denier range 210 to 840 denier) as nylon has the highest strength to weight ratio. Parachutes can be broadly classified into three categories based on usage: Defence, aero-sports and space vehicles. The parachutes applications in defence are Emergency Escape Parachute Assemblies for aircrafts with fixed seats or assisted, escape seats; Personnel Restraint Harness for seated or moving crew members, Airborne Forces Parachute Assemblies including Reserve parachutes, Aerial Delivery (Supply Dropping) Parachute Assemblies, Aircraft Landing Brake and Anti-Spin Parachute Assemblies, Parachute devices for flares, markers, bombs and other munitions. Parachutes are used in aero sports like parasailing/ parascending (the person is towed behind a vehicle and attains flight of hundreds of feet above ground), Sky diving etc.

The most widely used fabrics for sports shoes consists of Shoe Upper fabrics and Lining fabrics. These are mostly made out of polyester.

Sports nets are extensively used in the games of Badminton, Tennis, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Basket Ball etc. These are made out of HDPE, PP, Nylon and cotton.

Sleeping Bags are extensively used by Defence and Para Military forces

Sports composites usage in India includes boxing equipments, inflatable balls and protective equipments for cricket. Boxing equipments consist of Boxing Gloves, Boxing Punching Gloves, Boxing Head Guards, Boxing Punching Pads, Abdominal Guard, Speed Ball, Punching Bag etc. Inflatable balls consist of football, volleyball, basketball, handball etc. Footballs account for 50% of the market of inflatable balls. Footballs have varying sizes i.e. Size-3, Size-4 and Size-5. Circumference for size 5 is 68.5cm to 69.5cm. Official weight of the football is 420~445 grams with ball pressure of 0.8 bar. Protective equipments for cricket comprise of leg-guards, batting gloves, wicket keeping gloves, thigh pads, helmets, caps & hats, cricket kit bags etc Indian sporting goods industry is concentrated primarily in the cottage and small-scale sector. It is a highly labour intensive industry and also employs a large number of women as well Most of the units work on a job work basis for the major manufacturers/exporters and also sell their produce to wholesalers who in turn sell these equipments to sports goods retailers.

Artificial turf or synthetic turf is a man-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials with appearance similar to natural grass. It is used for making world-class surfaces for playing sports (especially hockey and soccer) which are normally played on grass. It is also used indoors or outdoors for landscaping. Artificial turf is considered a safe alternative to natural grass; The system consists of various layers - the pile fibers & backing cloth, shock absorbing layer and the supporting base. The foam is made of a closed-cell polymer alloy like polyurethane, typically 1/2 inch in height and perforated for vertical drainage. The hockey stadiums account for most of the consumption of artificial turf in India. It also finds use in use indoor or outdoor las, Balconies, Atriums, Home and Corporate Lawns, Hotels and Resorts, Club Houses, Jogging / Walking Tracks, Shopping Malls, Traffic Islands, Road Medians, Kids‘ play area etc.