Nonwoven wipes

A wipe is a small piece of cloth used for the purpose of cleansing or disinfecting. Wipes could be woven, knitted or nonwoven. Nonwoven wipes have recently gained popularity on account of their excellent absorption and softness. The product is available as dry wipe as well as wet wipe wherein the nonwoven fabric is impregnated with a solution. Majority of nonwoven wipes are manufactured by Spunlace technology. The wipes are expected to have the properties like Smooth and soft texture, Good absorbance characteristics, Good moisture retention properties. Busy lifestyle and high disposable income are the key factors for the acceptance of wipes. Wet wipes obviate the need for the use of separate wet and dry' combinations in cleaning tasks thus, allowing people to perform daily tasks in substantially less time. Currently the demand for wipes is limited in India but with growing number of middle class families, increasing disposable income and changing lifestyle the demand for wipes is expected to increase in the urban areas. Moreover, product innovations are further likely to boost the demand. Consumption of wipes in foodservice and health care applications is also expected to grow because of heightened health and hygiene concerns.

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