Artificial turf

Artificial turf or synthetic turf is a man-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials with appearance similar to natural grass. It is used for making world-class surfaces for playing sports (especially hockey and soccer) which are normally played on grass. It is also used indoors or outdoors for landscaping. Artificial turf is considered a safe alternative to natural grass; The system consists of various layers - the pile fibers & backing cloth, shock absorbing layer and the supporting base. The foam is made of a closed-cell polymer alloy like polyurethane, typically 1/2 inch in height and perforated for vertical drainage. The hockey stadiums account for most of the consumption of artificial turf in India. It also finds use in use indoor or outdoor las, Balconies, Atriums, Home and Corporate Lawns, Hotels and Resorts, Club Houses, Jogging / Walking Tracks, Shopping Malls, Traffic Islands, Road Medians, Kids‘ play area etc.

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