Parachute Fabrics

A parachute is a device used to slow the descent of a falling body or load. A parachute consists of four main components: parachute canopy, rip-cords, suspension lines and the harness. Parachute canopies are primarily made of high tensile nylon multi-filament fibres, generally ripstop woven, from 32 to 200 deniers. Harness, webbing, tapes etc are made-up of high tensile nylon yarn (denier range 210 to 840 denier) as nylon has the highest strength to weight ratio. Parachutes can be broadly classified into three categories based on usage: Defence, aero-sports and space vehicles. The parachutes applications in defence are Emergency Escape Parachute Assemblies for aircrafts with fixed seats or assisted, escape seats; Personnel Restraint Harness for seated or moving crew members, Airborne Forces Parachute Assemblies including Reserve parachutes, Aerial Delivery (Supply Dropping) Parachute Assemblies, Aircraft Landing Brake and Anti-Spin Parachute Assemblies, Parachute devices for flares, markers, bombs and other munitions. Parachutes are used in aero sports like parasailing/ parascending (the person is towed behind a vehicle and attains flight of hundreds of feet above ground), Sky diving etc.

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