Artificial turf

Artificial turf or synthetic turf is a man-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials with appearance similar to natural grass. It is used for making world-class surfaces for playing sports (especially hockey and soccer) which are normally played on grass. It is also used indoors or outdoors for landscaping. Artificial turf is considered a safe alternative to natural grass; The system consists of various layers - the pile fibers & backing cloth, shock absorbing layer and the supporting base.

Sports Composites Market

Sports composites usage in India includes boxing equipments, inflatable balls and protective equipments for cricket. Boxing equipments consist of Boxing Gloves, Boxing Punching Gloves, Boxing Head Guards, Boxing Punching Pads, Abdominal Guard, Speed Ball, Punching Bag etc. Inflatable balls consist of football, volleyball, basketball, handball etc. Footballs account for 50% of the market of inflatable balls. Footballs have varying sizes i.e. Size-3, Size-4 and Size-5. Circumference for size 5 is 68.5cm to 69.5cm.