The burgeoning infrastructure sectors project involving highways, bridges, airports, buildings, and construction, power generation and transmission, telecommunications are expected to provide an impetus to the composites industry in India. Composites are produced by reinforcing a resin matrix (thermoplastic/thermoset) with fibres like glass fibre, aramid, carbon fibre and/or natural fibres. Composites are able to meet diverse design requirements despite being light-weight and have a high strength-to-weight ratio as compared to conventional materials. Composites are more versatile and can be tailored to meet performance needs and complex design requirements. Long life offers excellent fatigue, impact, environmental resistance and reduced maintenance Composites enjoy reduced maintenance cost, Composites exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and fire retardant capability, Improved appearance with smooth surfaces and readily incorporable integral decorative melamine are other characteristics of composites, Composite parts can eliminate joints/fasteners, providing part simplification and integrated design.

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