About Us


The government of India has recognized the Technical Textile industry as a Sunrise sector within the other segments of textiles & Clothing in India. There was a need to have the Technical Textile industry's active participation and engagement with the government to bring out the issues, concerns and suggest policy framework that would lay the foundation for this sector and grow further. Resultantly, Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA) was formed in 2010. The office of the Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, facilitated the formation of ITTA. ITTA was incorporated in 2009-10 under Section-25 of the Companies Act, 1956 (now revised to section 8(1) under the companies act, 2013. ITTA is the only association of the Technical Textile Industry in India covering all 12 segments including Composites.

ITTA has nearly 400 members as on date, representing the entire technical textile value chain from raw material to finished goods producers, machinery manufacturers, consultants, centres of Excellence and R&D institutes. Its members are spread across the country and contribute more than 70% (FY 2019-20) of the total exports of 207 technical textile items (so far recognised by the Textile Ministry) from India. The objective of ITTA is to promote, support, develop and increase the production, consumption and export of technical textiles to make India a powerhouse of technical textiles in the days to come.

ITTA is dedicated to members’ success and aims to become the premier organization that represents and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian technical textiles industry by becoming 'ITS SINGULAR VOICE' and bringing together all the stakeholders of the sector under one roof.