Jute Hessian

Jute Hessian also termed as Burlap is a finer quality jute fabric that has been long used as the most preferred packaging material for all kinds of goods. Hessian is used for bags and many other coarse fabric uses such as wrappers, wall coverings, etc. Presently shopping bags are being made out of hessian fabrics. It is also used in the upholstery and home furniture. A plain weave cloth made wholly of Jute with single warp and weft interwoven, weighing not more than 576 g/m2. Hessian fabrics are lighter than sacking fabrics. A range of heavy jute fabrics either in plain or twill weaves manufactured by using coarse jute fiber in larger percentage than used for manufacturing tarpaulin, hessian or such light fabrics. Jute bagging material is in demand because of the openness of the weave, which allows air to circulate while protecting the contents. Sacking bags, specifically used for the purpose of storing agro-based products, are known as Hydro carbon free bags that have been treated with vegetable oils to destroy the harmful effect of hydrocarbons. Thus sacking bags have great demand not just in the cement industry but also in the agro-based industries.