Wrapping Fabric

Wrapping fabric is made out of HDPE/PP, cotton canvas, etc. Unlaminated PP/HDPE Woven Fabric is mainly used for wrapping of paper rolls, paper bundles, steel coils, tyres, yarn cones etc. The fabric is generally packed in roll form and can be run on automatic cutting and stitching machines. Clear Woven Sheets (Natural Woven Laminated Sheets) are used for packing of used clothes etc. These sheets are see through and are mainly used as a wrapping material. Lumber Cloth is a wide width fabric used to cover huge logs of wood. It can either be one side or both side laminated. It can be printed or non-printed as is available in roll form. These fabrics are widely used in industries such as paper bundles, wrapping of paper rolls, steel coils, yarn cones, tyres etc.