Surgical Dressing Material

Surgical dressing material is applied on the wound to expedite the process of healing and prevent further harm due to wound exposure. The dressing material can be primarily divided as Wound care layer and Bandage. Bandage holds the wound care layer in place. Wound care products which are adhesive in nature are also available in the market. The bandage can also be used on standalone basis in case of orthopaedic cases (e.g. crepe bandage). Typically, the wound care products consist of Absorbent pad, Non-adhering/dressing, Adhering pads or adhesive plaster.The wound contact material is available in both woven and non-woven forms. The bandage products consist of Rolled Bandage, Gauze bandage, Elastic/Non-elastic bandage, Light support bandage. The materials included under surgical dressings are: Rolled bandages, Crepe bandages, Plaster-of-Paris bandages, Absorbent gauze pack, plaster, absorbent pads and surgical pads.

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