Surgical Disposables

The surgical disposables primarily consist of masks, caps, drapes, gowns, covers and shoe covers made of polypropylene spunbond fabric (non-woven) with or without polyethylene film. Surgical disposables are used in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to maintain hygienic and sterile operations. In India, the majority of hospitals use cotton reusable surgical wear which needs to be sterilized after every use. The medical disposables like caps, masks and shoe covers are 100% technical textile products made-up from PP spun bond or SMS non-woven fabric The functional characteristics of surgical disposables are High barrier to blood or body fluids, Lower lint than linen, Proven sterilisation performance, Comfort and breathability, Good bacteria filtration efficiency , Breathing resistance and Splash resistance. The disposable medical items are gradually replacing the reusable cotton cloth based surgical gear. With growth in the multi-specialty hospitals, medical tourism and improvement in general hygiene level at the hospitals, the demand for medical disposables is experiencing positive growth.

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