Printed Circuit Board

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a mechanical device used to electrically connect and hold electronic components. The technical textile used in the manufacture of printed circuit board is the woven glass fibre fabric which is used as reinforcement along with the epoxy resin. The glass fibre impregnated resin is used to bind the copper foils to give copper laminated boards, called laminates. These laminates are further cut into various sizes based on the requirement. The glass fabric used affects the performance of final electronic circuitry built on the PCB. The desired properties of the glass fabric required for PCB applications are like Dimensional stability Surface smoothness , Ability to withstand laser and mechanical drilling , Superior conductive anodic filament (CAF) resistance , Uniform dielectric constant (generally in range of 6.6-6.9), Lower dissipation factor (0.006), Reduced signal skew and improved signal integrity

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