Hoardings / Signages

Hoardings / Signages are made of a translucent flexible textile substrate called flexible-face sign fabric. Flexible-face sign fabric, also known as flex was developed as an alternative to rigid-faced substrates like acrylic, plastic and polycarbonates. Besides hoardings, this material has applications in light boxes, exhibits, trade show displays and majority of other static out of home (OOH) advertising. Flex is made of a PVC coated polyester warp knitted fabric. The fabric is made from high tenacity polyester filament yarn of denier ranging from 250 to 500. This fabric is coated with PVC and surface treated with lacquer. The material has the properties like Light transmission, Printability, Ultra Violet resistance, Heat sealability, Mildew resistance, Anti wicking. Flex is available in different varieties depending on its application. The flex used for front-lit hoardings is available in GSM ranging between 280 and 370 and that for back-lit hoardings is available in GSM ranging from 450 to 650.